Alumni Association

Whether you are a student studying abroad or obtaining a degree, you will always be a part of the Florentine community. The Alumni Association is committed to keeping and strengthening a successful long-term relationship with its alumni. The Association promotes and coordinates alumni support with the goal of strengthening the high-quality academic and public service programs of the university. The goal of this group is to involve and inform the alumni community in order to build powerful networks and create initiatives that connect us to all the students (both alumni and current students), our communities, and faculty members. Alumni are representatives of the heritage and achievement of the University. The Alumni Association celebrates student achievements and looks forward to being on your side as you experience the exciting opportunities and challenges that await you.

The Alumni Service maintains contact with current and past students who are living and working around the world and representing the viewpoints, languages, and cultures of the global network university. The objectives of the service: establish and maintain a network of contacts with alumni who interact and communicate with each other and who are increasingly moving around the world; promote university development; create and encourage networking among our students, companies, and institutions; be the high-quality intermediary of integrated, and comprehensive communications and administrative support services between our students and the job market.

The service manages the alumni database, monitors on a yearly basis the career of past students, and organizes events for the alumni. Furthermore, it takes care of the development of a Career Service offered to all graduates and, organizes themed meetings, keeps alumni up to date with university news and current events (congresses, conferences, and more).