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Student Life
& Development


The Student Life and Development department strives to create cultural understanding and immersion between our students and the Florentine locals by offering insightful, enlightening and engaging activities to complement the academic sessions. Student Life staff aims to assist students as they acclimate to their surroundings by providing a supportive environment that facilitates personal, cultural, and intellectual growth through internal and external resources within the community. The Student Life and Development Department acts as a source of guidance and support for all students. SLD encourages mutual respect and understanding between cultures through a series of extracurricular activities aimed at broadening student perspectives for a well-rounded cultural and academic experience.

Students involved in SLD activities and programs will:

  • Broaden their horizons and strengthen societal connections.
  • Be respectful of others and learn from differences.
  • Reflect on experiences and bring new ideas and suggestions to Student Life staff.
  • Utilize campus resources and seek support from staff.

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