We offer a variety of services to our students in order to make studying in Florence a truly memorable experience.

The Student Portal is a personal area where students can access online services such as course materials.

Here you will find:

  • Wifi Vouchers
  • Official Registration
  • Orientation Materials
  • Course Syllabi and Assignments
  • Activity sign-up
  • Housing Maintenance Forms 
  • Travel Log (students with non-provider housing are required to submit all travel plans for any trips outside of Florence at anytime during their studies)

All students may use the Internet points, Media Lab terminals are not Internet access points. 

To log on to campus computers, you will be asked for a username and password. When you first log in, use your Student ID number, found on the left side of your student ID card, as both your username and password. You will be asked to change your password after your first log in to guarantee privacy. 

All campus facilities are equipped with a student Wi-Fi network. Access codes are found under the my-profile section of the Student Portal.

Students can print personal documents at the computers provided on the first floor of Via Ricasoli 21 for 10 cents per page. All prints will be available at the front desk.

A scanner is available in the library for students to scan materials and send by email or save flash-drive. Fax services are available to students through the front desk in any of our facilities. Costs for fax services are as follows: Italy, 1€ a page; within Europe, 3€ a page; all other countries 5€ a page. Photocopying is not available on campus. If you need to make photocopies, please refer to Printing Service section above.

The library is located in Corso dei Tintori, 21 Campus and is available to all students, faculty, and staff for study, assignments and research. The library is a reference library and any of the books can be borrowed with no time limits, to be used exclusively within the reading room. A document scanner is also available in the library to reproduce text extracts for later referral.

You may copy documents electronically to your email account as a PDF file at no cost, though we ask you to be mindful of fair use copyright laws. The applicable rules can be found in the library. Students are welcome to consult the online library catalogue for information on available texts. The link to the library catalogue can be found on the student portal.

Please note the following rules for the library: 

Students must scan their ID card upon entering the library and leave their ID at the librarian’s desk. No handbags, backpacks, or bags are allowed in the library. Lockers are available to check items while in the library – please ask the librarian. 

All books must be checked in and out by the librarian. Therefore, all library patrons are to request books directly from the librarian and are asked to not remove the books from the stacks on their own. Books are to be returned to the librarian before leaving the library. Food or drinks are not allowed in the library.

For library hours,  informations and, appointments contact:

La Palestra is our campus gym. The gym provides students access to weights, treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and showers Monday through Friday. Access to the gym is free, and it is required that you sign in and out of the gym in the SLD office. You can find La Palestra in Corso Tintori 21. Gym hours.

Community Engagement Member Institutions are non-profit entities that support our mission to cultivate cultural immersion. Each CEMI is strongly linked to an academic division. CEMI initiatives and projects are open to the public and involve students in experiential learning, with results shared with the local Florentine community. Here’s a list of the CEMI that students can access:


Palazzi The community Center is a non-profit foundation that manages the projects and activities of the Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) affiliated with the Institution entities that support our commitment to cultural immersion. Learn more at The Palazzi Community Center website.

According to the program enrollment, students may purchase food and services at the school’s different CEMI (Cultural Engagement Member Institutions) locations. CEMI are cultural entities not only created for but also managed and run by students, a project that promotes the institution’s mission of cultural integration, experiential learning, and community engagement within the city of Florence and Italy. 

Students may use their units at Ganzo, Fedora, or Sorgiva during operating hours. You only need your student ID card to use your meal plan, which can be found digitally on the student platform under the “my profile” section. Meal units will automatically be deducted from your account when the barcode is scanned at checkout. Afterward, you will receive an email with the number of units you have used. Each unit is worth 3 euros and 50 cents, more units can be purchased at the front desk in Via Ricasoli 21 or at the SLD office at Corso Tintori 21.

Students are advised to have any mail sent to the Corso Tintori 21 office as there is always someone to accept it and most apartments do not include mailbox keys. Please have any packages and letters sent to:

Your Name
Corso Tintori, 21
50122 Firenze

Once your mail has been received in Corso Tintori 21 we will send you an email letting you know that you can pick up your package. You may come and pick 

*Note, we will not send you any notifications if you recieve letters. Be sure to stop by frequently and check our letter box for any possible postcards from home!

Customs Regulations

Customs regulations are becoming increasingly more strict and you may be required to pay a fee to receive a package. Please note that the university has no jurisdiction over what may or may not be accepted into the country. As rule, very costly items and electronics will incur costly customs fees. Medication, food items and some toiletries are not items that should be shipped into Italy. We strongly recommend that you bring enough medication with you to meet your needs while abroad. Packages with medication will likely get blocked at customs and require import documentation and a fee for release. Usually the same medications can be prescribed and purchased in Italy directly. Please also note that certain prescription drugs are illegal in Italy and will not be allowed through customs if shipped. For further information on customs regulations, please refer to the official customs website.

If there is a customs fee to pay, the front desk will not pay these fees upfront, but will facilitate the transaction for the student, according to the procedure of the courier. Oftentimes, the express courier will make arrangements for a second drop off; in this case, you will receive an email from Student Life with the custom fee to be paid. You will be responsible to bring the customs fees in cash to the front desk before the new delivery date or your package will not be accepted. Please also note that packages that arrive in Italy through government postal services, such as USPS, are delivered in Italy through the Poste Italiane, and this service does not foresee a second delivery date in the case of customs fees. Therefore, packages must be retrieved directly by the student from the postal deposit. In this case, you will also receive an email from Student Life to inform you that your package has arrived and instructions on where to pay the fees to retrieve your package.

Sending Mail

Stamps, or francobolli in italian, can be purchased at either the post office or at a tabacchi (tobacco stores are small gift shops located all around the city). It is much easier to purchase stamps at a Tabacchi; just show them your letter or postcard and they will give you the correct postage. If they do not have the exact postage for you, please refer to the post office. Once stamped, you can mail letters and postcards in public mailboxes; look for a red mailbox, usually attached to building walls around the city or directly from any post office.

Packages can be mailed through Poste Italiane, the Italian postal service. Alternatively, postcards, letters, and packages can be sent through the private postal services such as Fedex, UPS, DHL, or GLS or through Poste Italiane, the Italian postal service.

Lockers are available to students on a first-come first-serve basis. There is no charge for locker rental, however, a 10 euro key deposit is required, to be returned at the end of the semester. Lockers are available in Via Ricasoli 21 and Via Guelfa 85; please ask at the front desk for further information.

All enrolled students are welcome to make an appointment with the Writing Center at any stage in the writing process. A student life advisor will be there to help brainstorm ideas, construct a thesis statement, or proofread a draft for clarity and grammar. 

The Student Life Department Writing Lab provides one-on-one writing consultations, to empower students to become stronger, more confident writers in their coursework and beyond. 

The writing lab can also help with Italian writing and grammar assignments.

To set up appointment please email the Student Life Department.

Meeting with Career Center advisor is available upon appointment to discuss career goals, internship options, resume creation and revision, prepare for interview, and much more.

Whether you are a student studying abroad or obtaining a degree, you will always be a part of the Florentine community. The Alumni Association is committed to keeping and strengthening a successful long-term relationship with its alumni. The Association promotes and coordinates alumni support with the goal of strengthening the high-quality academic and public service programs of the university. The goal of this group is to involve and inform the alumni community in order to build powerful networks and create initiatives that connect us to all the students (both alumni and current students), our communities, and faculty members. Alumni are representatives of the heritage and achievement of the University. The Alumni Association celebrates student achievements and looks forward to being on your side as you experience the exciting opportunities and challenges that await you.

The Alumni Service maintains contact with current and past students who are living and working around the world and representing the viewpoints, languages, and cultures of the global network university. The objectives of the service: establish and maintain a network of contacts with alumni who interact and communicate with each other and who are increasingly moving around the world; promote university development; create and encourage networking among our students, companies, and institutions; be the high-quality intermediary of integrated, and comprehensive communications and administrative support services between our students and the job market.

The service manages the alumni database, monitors on a yearly basis the career of past students, and organizes events for the alumni. Furthermore, it takes care of the development of a Career Service offered to all graduates and, organizes themed meetings, keeps alumni up to date with university news and current events (congresses, conferences, and more).