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The Housing Office assists students with the housing arrangement process. We do not own or lease apartments but work as a facilitator to assist students in finding accommodation during their stay in Florence. The Housing Office’s objective is to ensure that students live comfortably and have an enriching study abroad experience. Students will select their housing preference during application process. The Housing Office will complete assignments only for students who request housing within the designated deadline.

Housing Services

Apartments will be assigned on a first come, first served basis according to availability, and assignments are communicated at least 14 days prior to arrival in Florence. Depending on their request, students will be assigned to a single or shared bedroom based on availability. Common spaces will be shared with other roommates. If a student request cannot be met due to space limitations, the student will be assigned according to availability and notified before arrival. Students will not be able to choose their apartment or change roommates. All roommate requests must be specified in the housing section of the admissions application.

Pick-up Services for students arriving in Florence individually and not with pre-arranged group pick-up service, may make a separate request for pick up when submitting their arrival information. Separate requests require an extra charge. Please consult the arrival and check in page for more information.

Please let us know either via email or on the housing application form if the student has a medical condition or disability that needs to be disclosed to the Housing Office and which requires specific attention.

The Housing Office assists students with housing concerns, emergencies, or issues throughout their stay in Florence. The Housing Office can be contacted in person, by email, or by phone. After office hours, for immediate assistance, an emergency number is available 24/7. The housing rules provided to all students upon check-in indicate what does or does not constitute as an emergency. Non-urgent and general maintenence requests are communicated by the student following the protocol which will be explained in orientation. Detailed information regarding housing policies can be found at the top of the page under “Housing Policy.”

Housing Options

Shared Apartment Housing​

All Apartments are fully furnished and fully functional. A utility budget is included in the housing cost. The standard layout of the apartments consists of multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms (the number may vary), a kitchen, and living/dining room space. The bedrooms range from single bedrooms for one occupant (limited availability) to multiple occupancy. There is sufficient storage space to accommodate a reasonable amount of clothing and luggage. Apartments may accommodate different numbers of students depending on the size and number of rooms in the floor layout. Students in any housing option will be sharing the accommodation with other students who are currently enrolled in our programs.

Students who select housing services are immersed in the city of Florence, in unique locations within walking distance or a short bus ride to the school facilities.

Apartments are of the same standard and have similar facilities, although no two apartments are alike.

Apartments may have different layouts.

There are a few living factors in Italy that will require special attention. For example: 

  • Several palaces have thick walls, which may slow down internet speed/connection. 
  • Elevators are not guaranteed in every building.
  • Clothes dryers are not included in apartments, as they are uncommon in Italy. Drying racks are always provided.
  • Due to legal regulations on heating during the winter, room temperature in apartments does not exceed 20°C (68°F). This applies to the period from November to the middle of April. During the rest of the year heating is not available.

Living in shared apartments allows students to:

  • Learn how to manage and share a living space with new people.
  • Understand the dynamics and opinions of different individuals.
  • Build new relationships outside of their comfort zone.
  • Independence and familiarity in new surroundings. 
  • Confidence in daily domestic activities to maintain an independent lifestyle such as shopping, cooking, cleaning. 
  • Exchange of language, culture, and traditions with locals in the neighborhood.
  • The experience of living like an Italian, a citizen of Florence.
  • The opportunity to partake in the local culture of walking to explore Florence. 
  • Learn how to manage and share a living space with new people.
  • Understand the dynamics and opinions of different individuals. 
  • Build new relationships outside of their comfort zone.

For further questions, see our FAQ section at the bottom of this page or contact the Housing Office.

  • Apartments are within walking distance (maximum 40 minutes) to the school facilities.
  • Single rooms are limited and subject to supplement.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Heating. 
  • Two full sets of bedlinens, plus a blanket/comforter.
  • Basic towels are included.
  • Washing machine.
  • Clothes drying rack.
  • Iron and ironing board.
  • Mosquito repellent plug-in (initial refill only).
  • Fully equipped kitchen: Flatware, dinnerware, glasses, pots and pans
  • Toilet roll (only supplied for arrivals, for the remaining time students must resupply on their own).
  • A basic “set” for cleaning: broom, cloths, sponges. The set does not include detergent and cleaning supplies (which are to be purchased by the student).
  • Internet access is available in all apartments.
  • The Housing Office is not responsible for connection quality, as it depends on the internet provider.
  • For on-campus connections, wi-fi is always available at no charge during the school’s opening hours.
  • All apartments are NON-SMOKING and PET FREE.
Homestay - La Famiglia Italiana

Students will live with a host family and be immersed in the Italian culture and language. Breakfast and dinner are provided Monday through Thursday by the host family. It should be noted that not all host families are nuclear families with parents and children. Depending on the families, hosts can vary in terms of age and family situation. 

Meals will be served at a specific time and students are required to attend dinner, thus punctuality is important as well as notifying in advance the host family when students wish to dine out.

Students choosing the host family option live with an Italian family within the greater area of Florence and not necessarily in the historic city center. Although the location will be easily connected, most home-stays require a short bus ride to reach the city center and school.

  • Have meals provided by your host family (breakfast and dinner Monday through Thursday).
  • All other meals are the responsibility of the student. 
  • Each family is unique and may have different rules or requests.
  • Laundry provided by the host family, typically once a week.
  • Have at least one student roommate.
  • Fully immerse yourself into Italian culture and traditions.
  • Spending time getting to know the family and balance this with hanging out with your friends.
  • A short commute to and from school.
  • To tidy after yourself and occasionally help with household tasks.

Returning students often report that the host family experience was one of the best aspects of studying abroad. By living in a homestay, you will:

  • Interact daily with locals.
  • Become a member of the family and build lifelong bonds.
  • Experience firsthand the customs you will learn about in Italian classes.
  • Practice a foreign language with native speakers in their day-to-day lives.
  • Learn how to manage and share a living space with new people.
  • Understand the dynamics and opinions of different individuals.
  • Build new relationships outside of their comfort zone.

Despite the many benefits of living with a host family, it can also be challenging, especially if students have lived on their own and are used to being independent. Students will be living in someone else’s home, and the host may have rules that should be respected. Also, there will be cultural differences but that is the point and beauty of choosing to live with a host family.

  • Balancing an active social life with friends during the week with family time.
  • You may not to live in the historic city center and may not be able to walk to your class.
  • Accommodating strict dietary needs including allergies and/or a strict religious diet.
  • An alternative option to the host family stay is the Italian Family Club offered by the Student Life and Development Department (SLD), through which you have the opportunity to interact with an Italian family in the historic city center WITHOUT living with them.

The Housing Office offers a great diversity of host families, including nuclear families, single-parent families, and various other combinations, including families of other nationalities residing in Italy. They may have young children, grown-up children or none at all. They may be young, middle-aged or retired, and some hosts may be single. We will do our best to find a compatible family based on availability and student responses to the questionnaire to be completed upon enrollment.

Where are the apartments/residences located?

Florence is a walking city. Once students get acclimated to the city’s layout, the initial novelty of walking quickly becomes a habit. That said, students should expect to be in an apartment/residence that requires walking. It is recommended to pack light, elevators are not common in the student apartments.

What if I’m dissatisfied with my housing placement?

We only house students in apartments which meet our standards and do our best to help students feel comfortable and at home. Most roommate and location issues are typically resolved with mediation through the Housing Office in a timely manner. In the event of a roommate dispute, we ask that the students involved make every attempt to resolve the situation constructively.  Part of the housing application process involves the opportunity to make specific roommate requests.  As long as the requests are mutual and made in a timely fashion prior to arrival in Florence, we can typically meet the requests.  Housing assignments remain subject to change, but we do our best to alert students of all changes in a timely manner.  Any changes are made at the discretion of the Housing Office.

Is there a deadline to apply for housing?

Yes – your housing application is due with the rest of your application. 

Can I request co-ed or single-sex housing?

Housing is assigned on single-sex placements per location.

Can I request changes to my housing after I arrive?

While we try to meet requests, it is usually not possible to modify confirmed housing after check-in. If requests can be satisfied without creating additional issues for other students, we’re happy to make adjustments. However, this remains at the discretion of the housing department.

Can I check-in before or after the set program dates?

Early departure/arrival is not permitted.  Please check with the Housing Office if you have a special circumstance that you would like to address.  The apartments are occupied prior to or immediately following your arrival/departure.

Where do I pick up my keys?

Your keys,  will be given to you upon your check-in, either at the school or directly at the airport if you have selected the Airport pick up option within the deadline and communicated prior to your arrival.

When do I receive my housing assignment and information? 

 Approximately two weeks before the program start date in the form of an email. 

What kind of visitation polices are in place?

Students may have guests regardless of gender from 9:00am until 11:00pm. However, based on respect for others, each resident is expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Overnight guests are not allowed. Guests after 11.00pm will be considered overnight guests.
  •  The right to sleep, study and have privacy supersede all other rights, including visitation.
  • All guests entering the apartment or homestay must be escorted by their host/hostess at all times when they are in the building. Residents are directly responsible for the actions of their guests and are responsible for informing them of rules and facilities and home. Residents may face disciplinary action and be held financially responsible for any behavior of a guest that results in property damage. The institution reserves the rights to deny access to any guest if it has been determined that the guest has disturbed, endangered, or disrupted residents or institution activities.

Can students stay in their rooms during vacations or breaks?

Rooms must be vacated according to the program calendar regardless of the breaks.

What kinds of appliances are allowed in the room?

Radios, stereo equipment, personal computers, typewriters, hair dryers, razors and clocks are permitted, providing they are plugged in within the room and do not exceed the amperage limits of the circuits within the room. Use of irons is permitted only in designated common areas.

Cooking is prohibited in any area within the apartment or home stay except the kitchen area, which is specifically designed for such use. Students may request additional cooking tools, however additional appliances must be approved of in advance by the administration and in any case may only be used in the common kitchen area. Students residing in a home stay are encouraged to communicate with the families to properly understand the rules regarding kitchen use. 

How does a resident get a room change?

Residents may not change rooms without the prior approval of the Office of SLD and Housing. Residents requesting room changes may contact the SLD department. The SLD and Housing office will evaluate the request/s and might request more information on the reason for the request/s.

Any student changing rooms without the written approval of the SLD and Housing office may be subject to disciplinary action and disapproval of any subsequent requests to change rooms.

Can I decorate my room?

Residents may not damage any surfaces of furniture when decorating their room. The room and furnishings may not be painted or permanently altered in any way. Nails and hooks are prohibited in the Residence Halls. If the room or furnishings are damaged in any way, the resident will be billed and may be subject to student conduct action. The rooms abide to the general housing policy in terms of decorating the walls.